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J Hooks for structured cabling. hooks and data cable hangers that not only offer you a great up front price, but also a unmatched savings in precious install time. Give our j hooks a try and you will see why they are used nationwide by some of the largest structured data cable firms in the world! Compare what you are paying for your brand name j hooks and start saving today! Read more about our hooks at the bottom of the page.
J hooks have been the day in day out choice for installing structured wiring for decades. Whether for voice data, security, LED lighting, building control or an low voltage application. As has been said many times the devil is in the details and that is true when it comes to which j hook is the better choice. Many are just familiar with the standard j or one with a bat wing but there is so much more. Even when it comes to a j hook with a beam clamp, you have choices to make. If you want a fast easy install on a vertical flange, try a hammer on version. But be advised, many have a clamp just riveted on the back of the hook so you can really run with the flange. Our hammer on j hooks are set up so you can rotate the hanger a a full 360 degrees. That means you can run any direction even diagonal or make a right hand turn when running your cable. Good to know! We offer a wide variety of j hooks for use in data comm, low voltage and security work. In addition to the standard j hook, you will find j hooks that assembled in various configurations to handle most any installation. A couple of our top sellers are our hammer on j hook and our multi clip or "bat wing" j hook. Sizes range from 3/4" up to 4". One of our more unique offerings is our shooter j hooks which feature a ceiling clip allowing you shoot directly to the concrete deck with your Ramset or Hilti gun. If have a special application or assembly you are looking for, or you have a large project and need project pricing, give us a call! Our j hooks have been used around the country on nationwide roll out projects, government projects and even in our competitors warehouse! We don't just sell off a spec sheet or catalog, we have worked with contractors for years face to face to develop practical and economical j hook solutions for their installs. Give us a try!