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  • Bit Tip/Driver Kits/Hand Tools

    Bit tip kits including standard and tamper proof versions.  It's amazing how your job can come to a halt without the right bit tip.  A kit also insures you notice when you are missing a bit or driver.
  • Magnetic Nut Drivers Bit Holders & Tips

    Magnetic Nut Drivers Bit Holders & Tips .  Quality product that we sell face to face to our local contractors daily.  Magnetic nut setters, bit holders, bit tips and other drivers.
  • Drill Bit Kits

    Makes sure you have the correct drill bit on hand with our drill bit kits and indexes.  These are quality bits that we have been selling to the trades for years.
  • Extension Poles For Powder Actuated Tools

    We offer extension poles to fit Ramset, Hilti, Simpson, Powers and other powder actuated and gas tools. Check out the chart below or give us a call if you have questions on your tool.
  • Extra Long Length High Speed Steel Aircraft Extension Bits

    Extra Long Length High Speed Steel Aircraft Extension Bits.  Never come up short again with extra length high speed steel bits.  Made in the USA from quality high speed steel, we offer these extra long bits for steel in diameters of 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" and lengths ranging from 48" to 72" long!  You may find these bits useful in a variety of applications including drilling metal doors and frame in security work. NOTE: More sizes are being added, call if you don't see what you are looking for.
  • Overhead Drill Machine

    Overhead drilling into concrete from the floor has been an expensive and awkward task in the past. Most choices were expensive or time consuming at best. Now overhead drilling to concrete is easy and inexpensive using the new Overhead Drill Machine. The Overhead Drill Machine (ODM) uses most standard D handle SDS rotary hammers to drill into concrete ceilings up to 13' in height. The unique actuator system engages the hammer as your bit approaches the ceiling. If your ceiling height is a uniform height, utilize the included foot lever for easy low fatigue installs.
  • Purlin Master Pole Tools

    The Purlin Master install tool is the first tool that allows you to both tie and install purlin clips and bar joist clips from the floor! NOTE: Purlin Master only works with the new ADOC-14 and VOH-14 clips!. You really do need to check out the video below. What this pole does is more than speed up the install process, it truly cuts costs. How? First off, you are tying the wire yourself on the fly, not paying someone else to tie. Secondly, the shipping charges you can save on pre tied wire can be huge! Buy the tool and the clips and source your wire locally. Wasted wire is also a thing of the past, you cut your wire to your length. Reduced stocking charges are also a benefit as you don't have to stock different lengths wire.
  • Push Pull Poles

    Gopher poles, push pull poles, fish poles, whatever you call them, we carry them!  Don't be caught on the job without one!