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Eye Lags & Eye Lag Poles. We handle a variety of eye lags for both steel and wood including stainless steel and eye lags for thicker metal. Suspending from wood beams and steel deck can easily be accomplished from the floor with either the Lagmaster Plus or the Purlin Master. So what's the difference between the Lamgaster Plus and Purlin Master? Essentially they are same basic tool, the difference is in the plug ins. If your main task is installing eye lags, go witht he Purlin Master. It comes with a plug in for eye lags and head that will also install and tie purlin clips and bar joist clips. The Lagmaster Plus comes with the eye lag plug in plus plug ins for Sammy Screws, Powers Vertigo, HOIT AL install tool, old style Ramset Viper (3 and older) as well as a plug in for 1/4" socket drivers.