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Arlington Loops offer a great savings over metal J hooks. UL listed and approved for air handling spaces, they are very versatile and come in a wide variety of configurations to speed up your next install. You will find the Arlington Loop in it's standard form that is easy to mount on the wall, ceiling or on a clamp. Arlington Loops are available in 3 different sizes. The 2" (TL20), 2-1/2" (TL25) and 5" (TL50). By far the most common of the Arlington Loops is the TL25 2-1/2" version. While the TL25 only holds a 1/2" bigger bundle of cables than the 2" TL20, the bearing area where the cable rides is much wider making it a better choice for more sensitive cable. If you have armored cable or just a few singles, the TL20 is the lowest cost hanger we handle for cabling. The massive TL50 will hold a 5" bundle of cable securely, perfect for a main trunk.
Assembled Arlington Loops, A Construction Fastenings Exclusive!
While the Arlington Loop is very easy to mount by design, we go one step further in offering a Construction Fastening exclusive, pre assembled Arlington Loops. We off ere a variety of assemblies including assembled to a hammer on beam clamp, a bat-wing or multi clip for grid wire and rod. Our shooter version allows you to shoot the Arlington Loop right to the concrete deck, now that's fast!