Bridle Rings
Bridle rings and bridle ring installation

We offer bridle rings of several types and sizes to accommodate most applications. Our standard bridle rings are have been used for decades because of their low cost and versatility. As cable has become more high test, requirements for the installation has changed as well. Many times a larger bearing area is needed for the cable to rest on. With this in mind we also offer bridle rings with a saddle that distributes the weight load on the cable. For the most part, installation of either bridle ring set up is fairly straight forward.

Installing In Wood Applications 
There are few methods used to install bridle rings in wood applications. Bridle rings are available with wood threads rather than the 1/4-20 standard thread, but they can be difficult to screw in. A very fast and clean installation can be had by using a Sammy Screw. Simply drive in the screw and screw the bridle ring into the Sammy Screw. If you need to suspend the bridle ring, simply add in a section of 1/4" rod.

Installing On Beams
Installing on a beam is easy if you use a beam clamp tapped for 1/4-20 thread. There are several types of beam clamps available. Forged beam clamps are a heavy cast clamps that offer extra stability. For the most part, a stamped steel beam clamp is more than adequate for hanging your bridle ring. A hammer or smash on beam clamp is also available. You simply hammer on to the flange and screw in the ring. In either case, as jam nut is your option.

Installing From Steel Decking
Installing a bridle ring from steel decking is about the the same as wood in that you can use a Sammy Screw designed for steel.  You can use something from the DST series of Sammy's which has a self drilling screw end, simply drive in with your drill and you are ready.  Usually that will offer enough support but if you want more, check out the Sammy Express Anchor, which requires the XPIT install tool.  This anchor offers the ultimate in capacity from steel roof decking.

Hanging A Bridle Ring From Concrete Ceilings
Hanging a bridle ring from a concrete ceiling can be as straight forward as installing a concrete Sammy Screw anchor or a 1/4" drop in anchor.  That being said, concrete often lends itself to shooting an anchor in with use of a Hilti or Ramset type tool.  You have a couple of fastener choices.  You can shoot in a 1/4" threaded stud and simply add a rod coupler to install your bridle ring.  We also offer an ceiling clip that has a rod coupler installed.  You just shoot in and add the bridle ring.  The Ramset T3SS is a gas powered tool that offers either the 1/4" stud or a z shaped clip with 1/4" threads.